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Victoria Ginty

Victoria Ginty & Ladyhawke Live!

updated September 20, 2017

This is our latest live demo recorded live at a recent Firehouse Cultural Center concert.  Joining us that evening to round out the big band were:

keyboardist Jeff Knauff;

guitarist Ken Budd;

& Chuck Weirich on Trumpet. 





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Origin: Tampa Bay, FL

Genre: Modern Blues, R&B, Soul, Americana

Years Active: 2015 - Present

Official Website:

With a style that fuses swampy Blues, R&B, Soul, and Americana, Victoria and her Ladyhawke band perform a number of original compositions and tasty covers sure to satiate the palette of the most avid of music connoisseurs. As a signed recording artist with BMG before the contraction of the recording industry, Victoria had a number #1 record on worldwide charts for 13 weeks and was nominated for "Singer Songwriter of the Year" and "Video of the Year" with the Academy of Independent Recording Artists.

Formed in the Spring of 2015, Victoria Ginty and her band have quickly become South Shore's favorite as indicated by the number of "friends and fans" that travel across several counties to see them perform. Steadily adding new venues to their calendar and new songs to their repitoire, they're expanding beyond the immediate local scene to encompass the entire peninsula of Florida. Notable venues and festivals where they have performed include: The Manatee Festival of The Arts, The Sun City Winter Fest, Aces Live, The Firehouse Cultural Center, The Blue Rooster SRQ, and Englewoods on Dearborn, Ka'Tiki Sunset Beach, and the Blues Concert Series at the Promenade in Bonita Springs.

While performing at the Firehouse Cultural Center with their expanded lineup, Victoria and the band recorded their 1st CD, "Live at the Firehouse" and were featured on WPHX "The Phoenix" 101.9 FM radio. Their latest studio project, "Unfinished Business " is set to be released in May of this year (2018) and has garnered rave reviews (click here).





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V ictoria is no stranger to tough competition, she was a recording artist with BMG Critique Records in Nashville before the contraction of the industry and subsequent folding of her label. Blues fans know that Florida's west coast is a hotbed of talent in the genre. The Suncoast Blues Society has sent some of the finest artists to the IBC's year after year. Selwyn Birchwood was their most recent winner, and they've consistently produced semi-finalist. "I didn't realize how rich this area was with talent until I started playing the venues up and down the coast." says Ginty. "We are frequently playing the week before or after some of the best Blues artist in the country!"
Within 6 months of forming her current band, they self-produced their first project, "Live @ the Firehouse", a collection of mostly covers recorded before a live, sold out crowd at The Firehouse Cultural Center. "Our local fans love it!", says Ginty. "Buy a copy and see for yourself!"
Victoria has just finished a new studio project, "Unfinished Business " to be released in May of 2018 of mostly original material . She says, "I can't tell you how excited I am to have a new project with so much original material, and I had great co-writers contributing as well, including Mike Alan Ward and members of my band.  In Nashville I had some success as a songwriter, but this Blues project has been a lifetime in the making". Very soon, you'll be able to buy it too!


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