Victoria Ginty and the Ladyhawke Band
  • Dottie Fronts the big band
  • Everyone joins in
  • Full Stage Jam
  • Kosmic Pearl and Ladyhawke Jam
  • Kosmic Pearl gets 'em dancing
  • Kosmic Pearl in the House
  • Ladyhawke at WPHX Fundraiser
  • Raised about 33hundred
  • Taylor John joins in
  • Victoria joins in with the Taylor John Band
  • Victoria with Tamberine
  • Wayne and Mike
  • What a GREAT night
Dottie Fronts the big band1 Everyone joins in2 Full Stage Jam3 Kosmic Pearl and Ladyhawke Jam4 Kosmic Pearl gets 'em dancing5 Kosmic Pearl in the House6 Ladyhawke at WPHX Fundraiser7 Raised about 33hundred8 Taylor John joins in9 Victoria joins in with the Taylor John Band10 Victoria with Tamberine11 Wayne and Mike12 What a GREAT night13


Saturday August 20th, Victoria Ginty and Ladyhawke, along with Kosmic Pearl and The Taylor John Band hosted a jam session at the Firehouse Cultural Center for a Fundraiser for the Public Nonprofit Radio Station WPHX, The Phoenix 101.9.

It was an overwhelming success and a great time for all!

Here are just a few of the pictures provided by some of our fans that attended....


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